Shortly after Jeff Bezos revealed his highly ambitious plan for Amazon to ship its orders using tiny human-less drone, there has been an increase in dsicussions towards the drones engineering. This is not startling given the extremely sci-fi nature of the concept. Writers and technology experts have little doubt this technology can be a reality 1 day and it’s just a matter of when and not if. All of us realize that should there be the biggest obstacle, it’d be us, human, and not the technology itself. To fuel the debate further, it seems that we’re not only speaking about the sky though. Recently, revelation of US Navy’s research in using sea drones has been making huge waves around the tech forums and blogsphere. The debate has been stirring equal (if not more) degree of controversy and excitement as the Amazon drone idea. It appears that the military use is already in a lot more advanced phase and they’re already looking underneath the ocean for their tactical military advantage. While much of the info remains highly-classified at this point of time, science fans have now been quick to extrapolate about what the possibility might hold.

sea droneMilitary intelligence gathering will definitely be one of the primary beneficiary of such technology. But military intelligence itself is really a huge realm on its own and it may mean lots of things. Enemy monitoring is one kind of intelligence information which can be collected by these sea drones. But with millions of different type of creatures of different sizes roaming across the ocean, it could take many many years before enemy detection may be made accurately. Mapping out the terrestrial layout of the enemy territory may end up being a more interesting use case. When they have all of the information on hand, you may be surprised on the kind of purposes the gathered information may be used for.


One cool use that has been speculated among many science enthusiasts is for navigation help. Quite recently, the American Navy SEAL achieved what seemed to be extremely unlikely mission in capturing the world’s #1 wanted man, Bin Laden and what was remarkable was how they were able to secretly penetrate the territory without being discovered. I can’t be certain if it’s actually the case but there were reports suggesting that the SEAL teams may swim across oceans if that proves to be the best means of reaching the enemy target. I can imagine how the sea drones can be used to aid navigation in this instance and such information as the wave direction and speed can be gathered in advanced. With the availability of such information, the journey time can certainly be reduced drastically and so does the danger.

Being a fan of sci-fi, I really like both air and ocean drones idea. But obviously, you may still find big gaps to be filled and tonnes of questions to be answered before we actually see all these ideas adopted into reality. Have you ever wished your order can reach your home as soon as you click the check out button? I certainly love the idea. While I’m not really a big fan of the sea, I believe it is a part of our planet that holds many secrets that are simply waiting to be discovered and the utilization of ocean drone takes us another step closer to unveiling what could be Mother Nature’s greatest treasure.